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AFR Name: Josephine Marie Thane
Home Faire: Kansas City Renaissance Faire
Titles: Thane "The Merciless"
Founder of Minstrosity
IWG #870, Madame
Bard #122
Rapidus Deportus Mars of Sarcastica.
She who stood on rocky shores
and kept the beaches whiskey free.
Quote: Soylens viridis homines est.
My Internet Presence
E-mail: E-mail
Here from my website? Click this link to return to it.
On ICQ and AIM, but if you want that, I have to know you
Some Faires I Have Attended
Name State/Province City
Bristol Renaissance Faire Wisconsin Kenosha
Kansas City Renaissance Festival Kansas Kansas City

My Favorite Sites
Name Description
Alamogordo High School Class of 80 A class of classy people.
The GLBT Years Book A source of inspiration for all the GLBT students who think "I'm all alone".  This site shows yearbook pictures from the 1930s to the present of GLBT folk when they were students.  Can you find my picture?
Astronomy Picture of the Day Some great pictures of the rest of the galaxy.
International Foundation for Gender Education Information for and about the transgendered community.
International Wenches Guild Home page for the International Wenches Guild.

These Are Some of the Skills I'm Willing to Share / Help With
Hammered Dulcimer Bowed Psaltery Recorders
Audio/Video Recording Photography Pagan Studies
Candle Making Cats Gender Studies

Personal Description Persona Description Notes
Half-Scot Transsexual Musician Scot Musician C-sharp, F-sharp, and B-flat!
(Seriously, visit the rest of my website for more real notes.)

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