Maryland Renaissance Faire 2001
Day of Wrong

The Day of Wrong is celebrated by the patrons on closing day.

If the performers did this, they'd be hung.....

Sunni and Roo
Sunni and Roo.
RenGeek and Elmo
A true Renaissance Geek -
just look at that pocket protector! -
meets up with a couple of childhood


is "friends" a good word?

Elmo's codpiece was surprising 
(to say the least.)

Keltik.  "Why is this wrong?" I hear
you ask.  Because Keltik *never*
does merchant class, that's why.
A Random sighting of Pirate Pooh Bear
There was a "Random" sighting of
Pirate Pooh Bear.
Powerpuff Wenches!
The Powerpuff Wenches - all grown up!
Tigger and Joy
Meanwhile, Tigger (yes, in a kilt) 
was hanging around with a real
Wonder Wench.
Buddy Jesus and a convert
Buddy Jesus found a
convert to the cause.
The next two pictures really sum up
the Best of the Day of Wrong.
The dancer
I didn't know ballet was an "in thing"
in Henry VIII's reign of England.

Break out the sunglasses for Dani.
Turn down the brightness!
And keep them on for the
Day-Glo Duo!

Together again
Awww... they found each other.
"Tigger...what's in the tankard?"
"Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo, Pooh Boy!"

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