Maryland Renaissance Faire 2001

This marked my first visit to the Maryland Renaissance Faire.
I met many wonderful people here and saw many wonderful sights.
Some of these are pictured below.

Amethyst Rose
Amethyst Rose
Margaret Donnington, Lady Kytson
Margaret Donnington, Lady Kytson
(Paula A. Peterka) with Master Kenneth Washington (Kenneth Peterka)
Norm (with friend)
Owain Phyfe
Owain Phyfe
Lady Cyd
Lady Cyd
SnowCat, Dragonfly, Gareth
SnowCat, Dragonfly, Gareth
(who look like they're forming some evil plot)
The Rogues (Lars, Jimmy, Brian, Randy)
The Rogues (Lars Sloan, Jimmy Mitchell, Brian Blaylock, Randy Wothke)

And we cannot forget the incomparable:


She looks like she just swallowed a gallon of lemon juice, doesn't she?
But you see, it's actually that she doesn't like having her picture taken.
I got lucky with that shot.
Most people who aim, say "Sunni", and get her to look discover that
she turns away very quickly and they end up with a picture of the back of her head.
Well.  This just will not do.  The following picture earned me the title of:
"The SneakyEvil™ Wench".

Sunni Smiling
Now isn't that a nice picture of Sunni?
She had no idea I took it or was going to take it until I did.
She called me "Evil" and "Sneaky".
Thus was The SneakyEvil™ Wench title born.

The Dread Pyrate Keltik
This is the Dread Pyrate Keltik.
Yeah, right.
MDRF's King Henry VIII, the late Bill Huttel, said this upon seeing Keltik attired thus:
"How big a bet did you lose?"
And that wasn't even on the famous
"Day of Wrong"....

Here's a link to see some of the Day of Wrong.
There was a combined Wenching and Rogueing that took place, too.
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All photos ©2001 by Josephine Marie Thane.