Maryland Renaissance Faire 2001 - The Wench/Rogueing
(or is that Rogue/Wenching?)

In honor of my first visit, and the first visit of Tyma the Jester,
to the Maryland Renaissance Faire, the local Wenches and Rogues
planned one of the largest Wenchings and Rogueings known to Otterdom.
Tyma knew nothing about it.
I thought I was participating in a Wenching of Tyma.
We circled up - but there was one too many Wenches....

Dani leads Tyma and Josie to the center
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Danicia de Lontra was the mastermind, and the one who told me I would be helping Wench Tyma.  I really should know better than to trust her in matters like this.  She led Tyma and me to the center of the circle and stood us back to back.  Then the fun began.....
It started innocently enough with Ralph presenting me with a rose and welcoming me to MDRF.
Ralph starts it off
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I'm sorry to do this to you, lad
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But proceedings got much more interesting when The Emerald Dragon said to Tyma "I'm sorry to do this to you, lad" - and did it anyway!
This left Tyma looking rather stunned...
Help me?
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Gareth welcomes me
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...while Gareth welcomed me back.  (Gareth was kind enough to escort me around on a day in March, 2000, when I was in the DC area on other business.)
And then we saw that Tyma had good reason to be worried...
Gareth prepares to welcome Tyma
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Gareth welcomes Tyma
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What more needs be said?  (Besides, maybe, "EEEEEEKKK!")

Marissa welcomes Tyma
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Fortunately, things proceeded a bit more normally.  Here, Marissa welcomes Tyma.
Gr8Scott welcomes me
Photo credit 1.
Gr8Scott welcomes me.
Vyxen welcomes Tyma
Photo credit 1.
Vyxen welcomes Tyma.
Mark Falsone welcomes me
Photo credit 1.
Mark Falsone welcomes me.
Loni welcomes Tyma
Photo credit 1.
Loni welcomes Tyma.
Anvil welcomes me
Photo credit 2.
Anvil welcomes me.
Now, of course, everyone has been welcoming both of us, twelve Wenches and twelve Rogues - not all of the greetings are pictured here.

Anvil took his cue from The Emerald Dragon and Gareth...

Anvil welcomes Tyma
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Amethyst Rose welcomes Tyma
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...however, Amethyst Rose (also visiting, but not for the first time) made it all better.
Each Rogue, of course, has his own way of presenting a rose.  I've never been kissed by one before, but Russell took care of that.
Kissed by a rose
Photo credit 2.
Keltik greets me
Photo credit 2.
Keltik welcomes me.
Lady Cyd welcomes me
Photo credit 2.
As does Lady Cyd.
Josh welcomes me
Photo credit 2.
And Josh.
Minstrellan contemplates Tyma
Photo credit 2.
Minstrellan contemplates Tyma's face.
just Lori greets Josie
Photo credit 2.
just Lori greets me.
(And thanks to just Lori for being "She who kept the discount tickets" for this season.)
Godling having trouble getting through the roses
Photo credit 2.
Godling can't see me for all the roses...
Godling finally greets me
Photo credit 2.
Ah, that's better.
And just when Tyma thought it was safe...

Tyma gets rug burn
Photo credit 2.
Tyma gets a wubbie!  (Oh, the rug burn!)

Josie and Tyma welcome each other
Photo credit 2.
At last it's over!
But we loved it.
Surveying the damage
Photo credit 2.
Surveying the damage.  Gareth's mark is in the center of his forehead.

If you think this was something, you should see what they do for the Day of Wrong.
Or perhaps you'd like to see what they look like just wandering around MDRF.
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Photo credit 1:  by Heather, courtesy and ©2001 Vyxen MacDobhran.
Photo credit 2:  by Flame, ©2001 Josephine Marie Thane.